Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dionysus (The Executioner)

the map is slightly comical now as its contours
being almost the same as one's own are highly
integrated into the looking at the map
here the sucking black hole that moves


here the great urn overflowing with luminous
Amphineurons / living dinner plates
that serve and beg / flashing their silver feelers
and scenes like skeins translated through the texts
into spans or gains and in pain or pleasure
or something other are they borne
what is lurking in space that is not space
what is lurking in time that is not mine

here's a scene:

It is Dionysus conducting his mother Semele to Heaven,
preceded by Hermes, Satyrs, and Sileni escorting them
with torches.

and here is another:

It is George Peppard, and having just won a gunfight
at an undisclosed villa in Corfu,  is carrying Joan Collins
away from an empty and sky blue swimming pool whose
depths contain the corpse
of some nameless assailant.

Ahh, scenes. Everflowing in their mythical effervescence,
assemblies of grace to touch. Skins are scenes and translated
into skeins they frame the periplomenon.

All I ever get is a coat thrown over my smile.
How would you like your steak?

I'm sorry.
You should have got out like Rachofsky did, before it was
too late.

[car horns][bazouki music]

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