Thursday, July 11, 2013

Timon Sees His Face In a Mirrored Mask Called Economy (Apanphilanthrôpos)

Timon, Timon,
the shifty clouds keep changing their appearence,
and though we laugh, and are laughed at in turn,
we never seem to~

these images
float about
in kinship
of many kinds

friends to olympus
and hades alike

Timon, this comedy
for a monster mirror
runs on into~

~into unknowable forms
striking jagged stone or wood
these images
cannot pass through the veil

trust in death
and forgive man
for you will die
by some hand
trust in the awesome failure
of life
and you shall always win

there are delicate shapes in abundance
and their flow is unceasing
I have said nothing of importance

pine needles
on a disused path

a stray dog howls
and some think it mad

but the earth itself
is a stray dog

and beauty
like an enormous shadow
is shifty

and consider
Moses as an Urn
and consider
the word as an urn
made of urns

every shattering
~every circle of the heart or eye
comes moving from the mirror's plane
in steady


vision flows framed
by constant understanding

the misanthrope is not a savage
and the savage not uncivilized

for the body itself
is koinônia

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