Saturday, July 13, 2013

American Crime Poem P/R/efigured As Mystic Poison

@errolmorris oracular structuralism, ie, an indexical haeccity..

‏@LannyQuarles @errolmorris As in Daedalus dancefloor before the mouth of the labyrinth, our dances are both propitiatory, and apotropaic, an aleatorics of 

@LannyQuarles @errolmorris We can make being, but we cannot 'fashion' it..

 @LannyQuarles @errolmorris being remains the standard of transcendence, a 'benchmark' of art as paradox. 

 @LannyQuarles @errolmorris It is complexity itself which is prone to melancholic airs. As language approaches absolute contention by replication,

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