Thursday, July 18, 2013

more abstract paintings

it has a human head,
but it's bald, hollow
glass, and it has a
colored, aggregate 'skull'
like an arcimboldo of
globulous organs inside

it walks like a dog,
but on hollow glass womb
models like the head,
but ellipsoid, stretched
elongated maybe &
they are filled with
purple liquid to obscure
the foetuses

the rib section is chunky
like crystalline synthetic
emeralds punching out
through crumbly pale blue
fiberglass skin and there is
a heavy pink stone torque
instead of hips, like the
yoke of a Mayan ball player
and one thing I notice is
that the spinal column is
hollow glass and filled
with a milky white fluid
in which some tiny robots
are swimming

the mouth is screaming,
and the jaw, looks like
its covered in a soft pale
yellow latex, it has a
snake's jaw

there is also a 'thought'
floating over its head:
which, as far as I can tell,
looks like an abstract
majolica igloo partially
scorpionoid and looking like
a  Niki de Saint Phalle,
but above that there is
distinctively a phallus
grylli, hovering, but
painted by Matisse to
show a room with an open window,
three purple chairs,
an orange door frame,
yellow light streaming in
through a green wooden
window, and a pale blue
floor rug and behind all that
a pale blue cactus with a
wound teeming with crabs
which look like tiny
polished stones between
which butterflies are
marching with their wings
folded up

closed books
closed eyes
closed minds
closed signs

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