Monday, July 1, 2013

High Plains Drifter (Adding Machine)

[fù] kapi
[fù] copy kopi
[fù] copiar kopi
[fù] [kopiâ]
taklid caviar

the thinker phylactery:

in the interior tiled courtyard, the ceonothis
copies itself against the heavy patterned emblems
the little piles of caviar painted in a grid
the little sentences of grapevines
their round glossy cinema-centers playing
beneath the skin
the tiny demons working methodically inside each grape
sawing legs, milking molten glass from lapidary udders
dancing the skeins into nameless and structural explosions
of faux force

fuck copies
foo copiands
take lid from caviar
see caviar

the gondolas that carry the heaving and pregnant mermaids
rapt in Caligulan and fascist symphonics of caviar:

A theory of analogy must describe how the meaning of on analogy is derived from
the meonings
of its parts.
In the structure-mapplng
theory, the interpre- tation rules
characterized OS
implicit rules for mapping knowledge about a base domain into a torget
domain. Two important features of the theory are (a) the rules depend only on syntactic properties of the knowledge represen- tation,
and not on the specific content of the domoins;
ond (b)
the theoretical fromework allows analogies to be distinguished &only
from literal similority
statements, applications of abstractions, and other kinds of comparisons. Two mopping
principles are described: (a) Relations between obiects. rother
than attributes of objects. ore
from base to torget;
(b) The par- ticular
relations mapped ore
determined by systemaficity.
defined by the existence of higher-order relations. When people hear an analogy such as

“An electric battery is like a reservoir”

how do they derive its meaning? We might suppose that they simply apply their knowledge about reservoirs to batteries, and that the greater the match, the better the analogy. Such a “degree of overlap” approach seems rea- sonably
correct for literal similarity comparisons. In Tversky’s (1977) contrast model, the similarity between A and B is greater the greater size of the intersection (An B) of their feature sets and the less the size of the two *This research was supported by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research under Contract No. NOOO14-79-Ca338, and by the National Institute of Education under caviar.

Now a mugwumb climbs out from the enormous ceonothis, and heads for the hollow alabaster pig reservoir battery of caviar.

These multi-valence materials begin to speak, each tile's image an involusis, a peaked hat score calculus, the abacus bridge:

demon climb inside caviar car
and begin the mutation equation
the cars don't move back and borth
but flobe

flobe clean
and surly
the caviar fountain face star grape fleshed demon bead

Inside the transparent flesh grape
a vast and infinite plain section boundaried
the adding machine Ozymandian buried
in tope tangental caviar sand

lyrical lanterns become a dragon in the hillside
bamboo forest the late festival

the dark hissing mermaid trapped in the shaman's hut
of ceonothic timbres slathered with caviar

plenty of fu fuk copy money history
wherever you look
you criticize everything

every molecule implicate


carry the bag of fuk yogi copy yogi grape yoki yokai cofi hoofi koofi fuk grape capi faki
fuki dafi cavi arroyogi aghi ofi

but then the ab of cuss skeiled it (kid machine):

you have passed the exit
and where battery seemed to you a criticism of caviar and grapes
there was in fact a window

a window onto a new vista of theandry, and macranthropy

the dark weird place
where the light begins
in a hovering sentient caviar sphere
the friend of a mugwump
mermaid gondoloa
tiled in alabaster hexagongs

insulated and thus allowed to ring
air weaves the universe
and breath weaves face

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