Monday, July 22, 2013

Click to Hephaestenate (Star Wars Retux)

luke warm light sabre margarine
made from pearls off the shelf
amy darth vader saltceller
call seller

kenneth vanessa negro murder
luke warm mandible cobbing coon
bob bob luke white bob tail
conceptual flarf saltcellar
don't look back

luke warm placement test
guardian angel anatole france
anatole hotel
jeremy brett canary island

marginalized planet
sick sad inbred poem
light joy who's the boss
tee vee program mandible
luke warm vagina saltcellar

remember how shabby stupidity shelters you?
convolutes you into more of itself?
until its reasonless flesh?
words are just a handshake honey?
bad people being arrested?
they build more jails?

a poem is a jail
a poet is a jail
a life is a jail
do the hard time
take out your luke warmed light saber

O Be Wan
Be wan with your beard of aquamarine rose-furred seahorses
with your crystalline staff fashioned of crystalline monkeys
with your words made of crystalline words

the lesson is this

words mean nothing
and people lie, tell the truth,
same thing

in the blunt ignorance of things
meaninglessness means everything

It means so very fucking much.
Let's keep it that way.
stored away in jail.

with mummified yoda mail.
ice cube is an actor.
actors don't rap. duh.

(appropriate list of famous artist-murderers)

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