Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Leggery is the Synthaxis, and Near to a Liberal Nth: And Then~thasys

Cher merdessein, est-ce que j'ai une tu meurs?

When his youthful mournhath traveiled
to the Agha's sleepy knife, no one can tell what
it is an allegory of, save that the emblematics
of the hologram ensure that all dust speaks of
this dust that is hear, that patty of hearest whose
hare is on the march to ide a seizure
and be done with republics or whatever
has been consumed by composition's
false synthesis:

talupu goLLem

barakkiuf íním úíttiuf

gurrapu kaLLem

or; A monstrous composition
of traditional chimeras says,
"Toby was wounded in the leg,
but what the widow Wad
generally sees is a map
of spam."

Namur stands at the confluence of the
Sambre and Meuse

yoking his zeugma
to a jocular

Toby Wad
he says (to his jocular):

This winter is universally designated
by the old inhabitants
of Conception Bay
as the ‘Winter of the Rals’...

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