Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ob vorse versing the gull-din boughelle


I open a window upon
the Stochasticene epoch.

Where the void lattice of psychology's non
others tecne's foetal presencing to world.

This bleakly productive paradise
shall pull ruminations out of anti-ruminants
the national notions will achieve ignition
in ignarrationullity
and the world itself shall show its own non-structure
ironically as a pure baroquial abpoised
by screach as arscreaptchictectourettes.

large and more more post-rational fluidicles
will become abvolved into a reverbolition
a revolvolution of protoobviousnoxium

Complexity as obnoxity
will become



Complimentary Pepcid


the rattle-bladder was emblematic
of the juggernaut of psychology's paradox

weak is strong
and strong is weak
and all

will be streaking!

Gelibene Weredoch with Elegdrig Snache Vang (wong)


cheek, field, catch:

往, 徃: go, depart; past, formerly
惘: disconcerted, dejected, discouraged
方: a square, rectangle; a region; local
枉: useless, in vain; bent, crooked
汪: vast, extensive, deep; used as a surname
網: net, web; network
网: net; network; KangXi radical 122
罒: Radical 122
罔: net; deceive; libel; negative
輞, 辋: exterior rim of wheel, felly
迬: go
魍: demons, mountain spirits
㓁: a net; net-like, radical 122

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  1. Gelipene Bhang Wong whuh hoof. Like driving on a really beautiful washboard. Really liked the image - matched the phoem. I need to add really once more for tri-lateral powers to be unleashed. Thanks for making my coffee cold, you scoundrel!

    For some reason both of these last two (the crystallography thang and this) made me think of Lem's The Hunt again. The Setaur's insane monolog, as it scythes men down with its mining tools - on the Moon, where these things can happen. Thanks as always for too much to deal with but fun! I like the donkey with the eyes quite a lot.


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