Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doing Bong Hits in the Patent Office



Inside the vast rotunda hovered the fastly
tingly pink jelly thing, but it was
nominal. not a church. not a safeway.
i'm wondering loosely. nut i but i
looking there's a pattern on the floor
i finally surmize, it's the pattern of the
human taste buds demapped from
a giant tongue and laid out
like a flower or pillow into
the speach of the floor:

omniscient floor, ice scream cone lightning bulbs
the creation of a panther
every animal ivy to boat up
the shew and final

Picturing a bigger splash
the artist on his telephone
bigger is water the figure
of the supplement
held up to access the jaw-winged jokleam,

When you stand there, a kind
of pseudopod of jelly comes down for you
a full body jelly helmet descendeth:
clem's nettles moody
then drink black cyan curtain
oval dog palaces drift white ballet hoses
into :

lather your soap clog dancing tub
whose auqua whaomdernce
snake split
fish split
elaborate brass anatomy wall niche

thick flap
reflective flap
dew pore undulus

where albino bird chief rattle sundry
jelly doughnut heads
of lather.and.

Within the lather of chaste toys,
latte' matters.
double walled glass head cup of Socrates
rooster swimming in coffee
blue rooster sounding bok bok (hemloch kafe')

throw rug of the diagram'ed tongue
bald little kittens appeared
massive flanked by rows of kite handlers
in old colonial garb
hotties of 1789

Ad: Seeking irregular tiled surface to imitate
"in a folk way" this Polish TV enthusiast's

3d non-rectangular blob screens
like imagine a Henry Moore whose surface is a computer monitor
and that the entire surface can be mapped logically
so that in perfectly

in the perfectly cheesy wisdom traditions
the body becomes
the mind rather

a screen saver
you see an assembled yantra form out of triangles or fonts
that seeming bound around the inner surface of Henry Moore.

Look deep into my eyes.
This is a patent.

Robotic Video Zeppelins crawl through the ..

coffee napoleona.
In Highland Park:

Venison Armor:

kafe' throw rug

can be jelly helmet of 1789
Ad: napoleona. In Highland kind
of pseudopod yantra form triangles
or Inside it the doughnut heads
of Zeppelins crawl loosely
nut a pattern bok hemloch entire
surface imagine a saver you see
i looking there's kite i tiled surface

full body clog dancing floor
i finally a folk way" this
an assembled patent Robotic Video
Seeking irregular jelly thing

the inner coffee whose surface becomes
the mind black cyan out of the pattern
empty fuel cell

enthusiast's 3d non-rectangular
not a the floor
When lather latte' matters double sounding
bok your soap rattle sundry
jelly safeway i'm wondering surmize
its tub whose auqua deep into you

a and laid
vast tingling pink
of the human curtain

oval dog kafe' throw rug
colonial garb hotties
perfectly in fonts
that seeming anatomy
wall bound around hoses
into lather

lather is a cheesy wisdom
giant tongue bird chief there,
a speach of descendeth waok

clem's nettles
my eyes
This whaomdernce
snake split fish mapped logically
so little kittens head cup
rather a screen was nominal
not that the moody then drink
from vast rotunda Park

Henry Moore hovered
in the split elaborate brass
to imitate

"in coffee blue rooster Polish TV"
the perfectly obvious "niche register"

generative albino page skin
of the Henry Moore Look

white ballet
diagram'ed tongue bald
a church demapped
from the surface of come

down computer
down monitor

and Socrates roosters the jelly out
like a rows flower walled glass
you stand in on the traditions of the body
swimming in taste bud handlers
in old palaces

a drifting blob screen
like a pillow appeared
massively flanked

rooster hotties on cannibal camels
with venison icon chains hanging out
silver engine mouths

the dull grey speaking tube
began to grow
the pastille unfurled its scene upon the water's surface

at last the corpse's face skin would speak
and the wires would send the image
to the collective kite head
hovering in the sky

the hovering thing
with stasis pouches.

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