Sunday, December 5, 2010

minus school study and notes

a few days ago i was visiting Kathy Grayson's blog which I like to look at because it is nearly all photography,
and I was reminded of a xerox collage i did in one of my Toenail Gazook zines years ago of a dog wearing a top hat and defecating. But, and this is odd, it wasn't just any dog, it was a minor masterpiece of naturalism executed by Andriano Cecioni who was also apart of a non-academic style of 'realism' known as Macchiaioli.. Essentially the Macchiaiolist eye was a fore-runner of the Impressionist eye if we believe wikipedia. At any rate, these guys were into spots:

They believed that areas of light and shadow, or "macchie" (literally patches or spots) were the chief components of a work of art. The word macchia was commonly used by Italian artists and critics in the nineteenth century to describe the sparkling quality of a drawing or painting, whether due to a sketchy and spontaneous execution or to the harmonious breadth of its overall effect.

This morning I was reading my archaeology newsletter and came across this article written about people who still are not clued into the Tocharian races, which I was, having read a book about the mummies of Urumchi sometime in the distant past of the last decade.

The article had a genetic break down list of some of the peoples of the earth
which is visually interesting I thought as a sort of pop homage to color field painting
but with a conceptual functionalism providing the registry of its striation, which I used as a backdrop
for a pop silhouette of Cecioni's defecating dog which I feel illustrates reflexively the concept of the remainder in a loose, socially informal manner.. The remainder, in this case, not being shit, but that special idea of immanence as portrayed lovingly by Jean-Jacques LeCercle in his The Violence of Language.

Here is my Cecioni can chez Cacagenetico. It is available also as a canvas print 50 inches high x 113 inches long.

Oh yeah! Yesterday, Kara and I had so much fun because as I have developed this annoying habit of saying 'arguably', Kara keeps saying 'minus-school' instead of miniscule.. I think I smell a movement..


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  1. Immanence and glitter - and the way you can really tell the dog is about to hit the shitter, it's that winking extrusion of prelubricated bumhole that they do - looks like a tubeworm or a Fallopian. Just thinking about it I come over all Pavlovian...if you'll excuse....(rushing off to splashdown)

    - great picture, by the way, and an interesting story -


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