Wednesday, December 1, 2010

+ flanking runamelt hideabeds

jinxy junky genki des(u)
friendsy linksy funxy

you remain silent

the walking path is tiny feet
the beagle to approximate
smoke helix
it could possibly be drawn
but to see it formed
out of limbs

a sub-sample
like brussel sprouts
for corn rose

purple brussels
running midline
around the living form

the vast and transparent dorsal fin
where each apartment reveals its interior
an experiment in deep ocean living

each resident
gets a view
of free living

illuminated coral chandiliers
like 3d dimensional snowflakes
4000 stories down

we're in the penthouse tip
your spotted skin again
is messaging

you are the oracle
of a mad chthulu squid goddess

you had a chestful of junk
i needed
my heart outlines
heart your out
line is heart i hart
deer you i outline
dear heart its hortus

for enhortation's sake
i hurt now
the whole deeply alone cosmic matrice
of its suffering foreveryware


light must
possibly mechanic
no mass

but vibration

light to verb
the slow verbs re:nouned
as quasi permanent residences

we reveal
the 4000 storied dorsal mohawk
of moloch

the narrative is dense

moloch mohawk brain arcology
tardy: grade
it shakes its noodle
wide-mouthed and fringed in collectors
shoe-picks-it-mor-murd-do-soo-into-the-s-can you pick-up?
to them glowberry-amorphous-cellphone
rue des tableaux

small bronze apartment we shared
our wing clutter harnesses entangling much bridle flotsam'd
wamscot tier
hole calliope
wah zoo
think at last
out discovery mission
to a russian treehouse lost
'vottles' the pent up penultimate finite scribble base zebra
vacant stare
full grace reflection physics streaming
mechanical energy
to enter the prrfect worth

flowing water of gestures
its self perfoams
faily sripping:

juh uvata
vac (u)(s)
sagma apsah rasah
apah upah sasaya
te mot duronasad
visamasad si asi apam
sanotity kirika
kr kr awl
daridram sanasi

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