Friday, December 10, 2010

Gorgeous Blonde Cybill! (I'm Melting..)

I was happy enough with Cybill, our sheep
were our oracle, and we traveled through Bavaria
singing the secret song of conquest.

Like herbal tea Mexicans, we huddled
in our satin beauty, fame the winter
of our train, the Baroness of our
forestry of missing nannies.

How does a goat
sink an unsinkable
and interelated

I make love to Cybill
among our sheep
in the train, and we are
doctors treating long
red socks
that dangle in the

Cybill's nipples
are like tiny pink sheep:

pink wool
wet pink noses
whiskey dispensery
and nanny

I don't speak the language.
And I need a nanny.

Hairless, Cybill and I
are strapped naked to the
belly of a train of sheep's nipples
gone to Bavaria.

Cybill is my shepherd.
I am writing obscenities.
Ms. Farnum.

The social contract is king.
miniscule. heart-breaking.

turned out very nicely.
split his skull with an old city,
deed, grandpa, and cool millions.

No relations with them fabric.


No one nearly as sexy
as Cybill in sheep suds
sipping whiskey to New Jersey
on a terrible fuss
was really sort of sweet.

50/500 and terribly pores.

Your blonde bouncy hair
as we enter the rectum of the sheep
and disappear into technology,
herbal, Mexicans.


Do something!

watch our for yourself, buster,
watch out..

you are obviously
an intelligent person.

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