Sunday, December 12, 2010

I had Bad Chili, Dana..

30 floors down
30 floors up
on the 31st floor
the barbarian

Otto Preminger
sanguinely instructs
Gene Tyrrany

in the motif of slight
and undulating ledges

for 10 million
you can have a 10
thousand square foot
penthouse in the

est Echelon
was palm wet
bad driving
aliquid longeur
running hands
through bowls
of pills

a cellphone pill
lay swaddling
in decalcomania

your deep and
abiding lunacy
took away all hope
but was incredibly

driving out
within the prairie
a tour of the emptiness
could lead one to social presence
out of boredom
a letter must only be made
if it is a petri dish
full of excellent
Venus and Vulcan

its mouth runny
with gemstools


fish movers
in vertical
cinema can

but finally
the whole
becomes something of a jam pipe
the reading of fragments
at the bottom of a well
a well toast
a jelly pump
salt column ramming speed

salted ram fish
worn as helmet
in crash scene

trapped in aunt glass
the odd free range association
feeling important
when the day was long over
glass chicken pump jack-a-lantern
off Diogenes genetic and cynical
gods hemohomoheliogoblin
fake hoohoo lynogradsk

warping the technical surface
Kwyrk-Hosana, a clock
in a stocking

a diamond
in the crook
of the V


rain makes wet paper
and pulp yards

the crispest style
can always be linked back
to mush and

mush is left
in the grilles
where soon the hieroglyph
will glower

mush surrounds the goat head
our pilgrimage
to a steaming nostril
in the abyss

living eyes
in paddle placards
held up to see

the worm god
come gnawing out
of the tatty old universe again
in gay hosen

and in the procession
we are balloon chairs
high count cotton
your dead coyote monument
firewood to weirdo

alpha uno Otto
little adobe' of your lie
lithe adobe' of your line

starlet sneaks in forest
of terracotta jar columns
to many lovers

starlet sneaks
past the rite
in the hush
of enormush

Asi Ozborn
w Tattoo vam gealousy
and orboth hair skimples

glam perverse
the root in gage
its supplement never


in mush jar

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