Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kosmodic Fabulorsion

nnott bblackk
the white not manatea
but a milk amoeba
for concrete substrates

I'm working on this really interesting image, but it is really taking a long time to work out, but the upshot,
and I know there have been versions of this before, but the basic upshot is a scaffold for classical, or even if
a little less hopeful, typical, sci-fi.

Now ideally, the architectural element would be treat just as Spielberg did in AI, and would have the title,
AIA, "artificially intelligent architecture" but the total picture is something I am experimenting with call

Cosmodics. Now it is such a nice word, I think, but it's a coinage, and one that some shady therapeutic company has claimed, but really, the ironics of that could be pushed to irronics by just making it part of the narrative reflexively. (that's part of what I do in irronics, think of the relationship between reflexivity and irony.)

Now in Cosmodics, you have an instantiated AIA which is more or less symbiotic, but it also a platform for the leisure / pleasure / and well okay, I guess they work too, the scientific class.

Okay, let's get this to a head.

It happens in space. Synthetically designed organisms based on protoctistans are made into mammoth
space worthy "Cosmodons".. An AIA platform gets installed and becomes a sort of transdermal organelle, or instrumentalized vacuole / extrusion template.

But what really happens is a little microcosm, but it is something like a spacesuit the size of a large mansion.

It is a biotechnocosm.

So, these whale like super amoebas can produce food products for the astronauts,
the astronauts can like swim inside them wearing thin protective suits, or maybe even naked,
which would be preferable on the cover of the Cosmodics manual. The AIA's can extract all sorts of organic
materials and synthesize not only food but building materials and even organic electronics, etc..

Anyway, it's just like a 1970's sci-fi vision.. And the image I made even has like the


envisioned. this is sort of like this really wild space station where the biotic megapouches are synthesized.

Think something like from that Bruce Willis movie, the Fifth element, where that beautiful lady is synthesized.
These things maybe could be built by a large scale one of those..

It could be a film too, like silent running or something.

These like Kosmodic aristocrats are sort of like
they're not like these worried scientists
the world is not coming to an end.
they are like

biotech yacht enthusiasts

i mean they are like

macho space nerds

that's how i see the film,
i could also see something going down
like there's this really punk 1980's Scifi British comic book
that only had like 2 issues.

I think it was called Strange Days.

An utter piece of brilliance that. The Mad Hatter head.
I won't say more, but there are these "city-heads"
and they represent "culturalities"

There is a JFK head with a third eye.

It is bizarre. and really excellent, I mean
in a macho space nerd kind of way, though
the pilots of the mad hatter head

look like hyper-feminine 18th century dandies
but with like blue hair..

and the word feminine, it is suspect given the relationship
with f to s








  1. Argh, the end of your fascinating post underwent devolvery in my mind and ended up a terrible tv commercial - i will not go into detail, it was not your fault, i was driving the mind at the time and had taken both hands off the wheel for various reasons.

    Interesting ideas - love the megapouches. Niven's starships are large single molecules - nonbiotic but derived from biotic processes. The Seventies were kind of a good time for science fiction...but so is all time! Somebody's gotta think up the coolness for us to build.

    thanks for the groovy post -

  2. quite a vision! love this angle on psi-phi!


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