Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey you.

Bumper stickers of the Day



Here you go. The artist's name is Brendan McCarthy.

I think Brendan is actually running a blog, here.

How's that for irony. I am a McCarthyite, at least for Brendan and Paul!

Kafka's aphorisms are okay, but I prefer Cioran's or maybe something new, he's boring at this point too.

What would the aphorisms of MICKEY DEATH
be like?



You know, I met Will Self. He read from Dorian. and I have a signed first edition.
Will Self is an odd writer.

He is kind of like what Baudelaire talks about in terms of attitude.

I would call him a Post-Modern Creepy Dandy.

I have to go clean out the cat box
and take out the trash now.

The only thing notable in my mood
is the fact that I've dug out my tatty blue cable sweater
which has like enormous holes under the armpits
and one cuff is held together with safety pins.

This sweater is like a person to me.
It's more. I like this sweater more than some people I know.


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