Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sparkling Haze Cube

the legless armless bodhidharma
skitters on the ocean
its rump like a hypersonic metapaddle
swishing out complex mandala ripple chains
as it moves along
travelling from nihon to hawaii

a dolphin
a dolphin
hears its complex travelling mantra
and pops up upon its tail
to receive the sound as a vision
upon the tympanum of its cranial organs

and conceives of a totem
a kind of dancing jellybean
shrouded in scintillating tessellating
neo-insectoid electroplasmids
which it deploys as mindfields
and whose constructurations
are semi-autonomous
yet thoughtfully reactive

catalyst is indexical

the dolphin's head is hydrocephalic disembodied vagina
and the vision beam is a copulatrice

a matrix of interamazed pixibels
amassing upon the toposyncology

of the matter prank
mad hatter

Bodhidharma white rabbit

your stomach clock teacup
is the top hat of matter

fine madder





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  1. Excellent. I was waiting for the dolphin. Hope you had a good Christmastide and are warm and well-fed and looking ahead with beams of complacent joy, or perhaps probing beams of utter destruction - anyway! Thanks for the poem(s), as always, and the pix. It's weird being away from computers for days on end...how the f*ck do I catch up? If only I could type much, much faster, and had completely instead of nearly unlimited time - no mopping, bathroom breaks, eating, or sweeping.

    Love the new cover image, as usual. The donkey was pretty special, though. Stay, moment!

    "The traces cannot, of mine earthly being,/
    in aeons perish: they are there!-/
    Anticipating here such lofty bliss,/
    I now enjoy the highest moment, -this."

    (from Faust, Pt. II, Goethe courtesy of Dick)

    Somewhere, a wild-eyed donkey waits, in echo'd brays its field to dissipate -
    happy logmas -


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