Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Triptych

I painted over 3 old panels and came up with this, which is I guess still unfolding, though I have thought it was done about 3 different times, and really it looks completely better in person than in any pic i've been able to take.


  1. That's pretty damn neat, e'en if only a photo. Found good electronica to eat lunch to, so happy. god, there is so much art.

    Happy new year if I don't pop by before then - and thanks as always for the work -


  2. well pete, i'm jobless and more or less friendless in this town, and there isnt alot for me to do other than watch tv or do housework.

  3. fuck yes! that's a beaut! has been a crazy busy holidaze season, but need to give you a call soon. just went on a mycological sojourn last night. high energy! happy new yahr!


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