Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jonathan Meese (always a guilty pleasure, or a gilded pressure)

I dig it.

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  1. I liked them too. The video quality was good enough and the shots well chosen enough to actually enjoy a bit of the work. Pretty trippy stuff. I think I liked the one that was sort of a squat man with dashes in his flesh, but there was not a long or close enough series of shots for me to really get at it. I liked this person's work a lot - thank you a lot for posting it. Better than anything I've watched at Silliman's so far (not that I haven't seen some pretty good things there! just, this was a nicely composed video and gave the feel of being at the event as well as addressing a few of the sculptures well enough to enjoy. Good editing work. I did not like the title overlay at the beginning - that sort of thing is annoying unless what's underneath it is low in information content. Thanks again! that was great. Oh, and I seem to owe this paragraph a bracket - I'll pay a bit later, if I can.


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