Monday, December 6, 2010

Corruptilution Revolve Veer

sit up Cordial. a soft blue glow
has failed the cube, the oeuvre
lurks dull near the advertising,
but we climb into extraordinary
halos of chewing gum, glad
to see its banana candelabra
brain a soft blue glow, and
molecule rooms connect,
tmesis-tmectic Rousseau,
Roussel cloud star cryptic
letters vehicle sheet, maze
at the enormous surface;
halo in true foam enigma, the
grooved odalisque fountain
to monitor security as genetic
sphinx, player piano code
breakers freeze to body
consort, dealing with the
sordid fire beneath our nails,
eagles pitched into the wind
turn down upon the plain.

jort humble appurt
in ants, its whole vast
concubinal stele erected
toward lines of dark
lesser lingering between,
black concrete web
to hover lavender
where the crooked
stair cases the external
layout's confusory
butt, slabs show wrinkled
corners of great art,
how the burglar, a statue
pushed both eyes, a wild
and flourishing butterfly's
pile of weirdly luminous skins,
they debate the circus, ink
printed on milk that
submerges a sacred cacti
sackered, fired, plemisoled
using a barker, chrome
wells up in its gun, your
packed striation greets you
from another sky met
an Alice meter.

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