Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Skranglin' To Gitchi-Tone Skragglin'

for Lando Buzzanca

I will ride my donkey
into the ruined cathedral
of green lava bird tesselation latte'
to see the cellphone hive
as it gives birth
to tornadic ringtone emblems.

I will ride my donkey
to old Toledo. I will
Toodle-lieux-u with fugu
donkey-fish metrocosm
soundries, accepting
your symbolic categories,
foogoo, foogoo prime,
foogoo prime minister donkey 

I will ride my donkey
like a wind rides
a leaf. I will gone my
leafy-donkey with locked
windows and proprietary
dongle. Sony Western Male Lesbian
Patent Offices of Beehive Vehicle.

I will ride this damn donkey
into tiny cubes
and become a a pair
of cobra lips
whistling etiodoxaphanologris-gris.
I will ride the donkey-headed cobra
wearing carpet-bagger lips
distended with cobra fore-snake skeins.

I will ride bare-backed
and bare-footed. I will ride
the skinless donkey cobra
into Lamiaville: To a best-buy
to get an arguably, 'good bye'
to the weewee wawa feller's
roofie wooffie tingle wagon.

I will *donkey*
the riding itself, until
I "getalldonkeywitit'.
donkey cruise ship movie will ensue.
Captain Witchy Poo
is sailin' for Monster Island
on a ambergris turd with gremlin paddles.

I will throw down a donkey
in the nekkid.

All language is now hereby entitled to take notice:


"Gettin' Nekkid Wit Donkeys"

Though I personally am only 'gettin nekkid'
with Colonel Mustard and Rubber chicken hand-puppet
and gnitting in old Werst ghost towns
of fried chicken wannabeest.

and 'Ain't got no hole for a cellphone to live..'

goin' off the grid?
goin' off the grid?

Mummy laid in rags
then fried in a giant squid.

Some General Statements About Your Progress:

1. Hot Nazi Pussy Phone.
2. Reggae Nazi Booty Phone.
3. Shaggy Blonde Pussy Phone wit Nazi Braid Corporations.
4. Celly Old Negrophonics wit Booty Donkey Outboard.
5. "High Shag"
6. Deep Ringtone Coverage
7. Shaving Donkey Ladders to get at the pussy people.
8. Aftershave Theater w/ Electrodonkey and Spidergirl.
9. Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady Donkey Nazi, And I Love You.
10. Ready Mix Hot Nazi Snatch, and the Deep Coverage Band Aid.
11. DJ Pope Cock aka L'il Poppycock and the Opium-phone Devue
12. I thought I saw greenbud in your snatch. Heavy X-ray Gargoyle.
13. You thought a G-Basement was a drug thing.


And then the yellow wind,
and where the butter came down out of the mountain
it was watr


life is water at war.

skin ocean brangle.


I will ride my fair donkey
through the crystalline wok-hives
of Fu-Dong-Mao
where the llama moths hover in silver coccoon glyphs
knitting rectal dream sweaters for snakes
with titanium glitter palps
that flash
and signal

sounding like cutlery
milking disco
from a Samurai lady skin

red hair and freckles
for a booty call:

I can't gitno SATI'S FACTION
with the minus school green donkey buddha
as he has collected all the jewelry
and put it in a tree.

A European artist sometimes is quite cheesy
hanging christmas lights in a gallery
to say that words are little lights in a string.

Rays of light are finer than hair.
The ultrafine articulation of light rays

to the European artist
becoming buddha (as donkey with tree-head)(and fruit flavored jewelry_)
is the

horizontal compression style of

fini (onion)

or 'long thong Albert'
w/ Q.

xu: shew:

1. indicates that the sentence is a yes/no question.
2. 'is stinky'
3. forms a hundredth of a dong
4. 'is something i did to you'?
5. is on, about, or concerning "the solidus".

I will ride my donkey
as a Latin Dust Ghost
reading a book up in a tower of curtains.

I will ride my donkey up inside a tower.

My donkey has a couch
made of old Swiss people.

My couch has a donkey
with a denim hat called "Freddy Tulane".

My Louisiana Donkey Gator
has a wristwatch made by Sleestak troll craftsmen
from Zurich, Alabama, 1529.

If you have big breasts,
you will look great in suspenders.

If you have big nostrils,
you will look great in blonde nazi diapers of the Amazon.

Rio Negro.

Today, get out of your sky pancho,
and go down to Macaroni beach head

and play with the little talking doll heads
that roll in with the tide.

Oh Attar!
Oh, Oh, Attar!
I'm Still Here, bad flamingo mother mudra o'er salvation's motor (donkey),
as a metaphor for the
golden parody plumbing that haunts
our disco retreat buggy.

Gondwana James Tont

Operazione D.U.E.

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  1. I really liked the bit about donkeying the riding and the ensuing bubble scene. I could see it arising in a thesis defence.


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