Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Comely Fang, O
Hear my island foot, O
Come to learn that Fu
Shih had a sister,
Ch'iu-fang by name,
Chew fang by odor,
Habit, do it, Nike
Appeared in Gondwana ads,

Comely Fang, O
Vain judges become
Like patterns on the wall,
The new America is in a folder,
O Judge, comely, ugly, terrible.
Your pants held up by fangs,
Fangs of hemogoblins.

Comely Fang, O
Beautiful Taiwanese actress,
Comely and free in life's vulgarity, O
Fang fire, fang fire, comely venoms
Dance like cartoons on a landing pad
For islands, and for island judges
Who are the daisies of Fang Island, O
Come comely and magnificent gem
By habit, and come Cummingtonite,
Your mineral presence an actor
Like penguinone, whose rednosed
Prismane is a comely fang
Of Traumatic acid.

O comely fang, O comely
Thang, you who are not a Nath,
Knoth a matte-finsihed samih
Doing rubba with your fang-taloned
Hubsih, how do sandwich compounds
Skeem, Neem them Nemo reeds,
Now all of Namor must secede,
Namor more gallant than Jesus
With her fangs of actresses
The color of Thebacon, O

Comely Ruby Fangs
Which bite upon the Buckthorn,
In June 1915, Walter Kirke, deputy head
Of military intelligence at GHQ France,
Wrote in his diary that Mansfield Cumming,
The first chief (or C) of the SIS was

"Making inquiries for invisible inks at the London University".

O Comely Fang, you
Invisible stereography, you
Cascatagrotta Devirgandolas (catastrophic devastation);
Mothers against decapentaplegic
Is a pretty weird name for a molecule.

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  1. Kind of lovely, in a foamily branching way. CSIS say: Rub them comely fang thangs with Neem now. I thought Prismane Traumatic was a pretty neat name for a band.

    And thanks for the poem )or [pen, as originally typed0] -



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