Monday, December 6, 2010

What emotion is it? The History of Sculptural Caricature You Say?

As a woman, I see only emotion in all things.
-Generalissimo Bohemiana

minus school, without, un~
a trembling boon for white links
out the boon-black a boon
for the links on the gift
trembling relief of letters in a
field of empty letters in a
field of vacuum while it shrieks
while shouting final earth to letter
form final land form letter 1
million years then the page he
leaves off museums stuffs girl it
leaves out the fabric museum's daughter
and cell theater religion milking sombre
the sausage doll'd laurel of perfect
dream sausage the video surface zeppelin
of its armor a lens hovering
about its zippy illuminated plans their
own power sorceror milking dark sausage
The sausage surface zeppelin video of
his armor lens was about its
zippy light planes and emotion imagine
the body is a light which
projects itself through exquisite arrays of
palimpsestic lenses built as an armorial
assemblage each person with a personal
craft of such radical design bohemian
tree sausage communal apartments in the
stratosphere like atoms making a molecule
like molecules making an animalcule like
a General it extrudes a ham
post shimmering with beatitude in the
form rain white unity single letter
micaw he expels a ham station
shimmering with bliss as a rain
White Unit Generalissimo Bohemiana all things
I see only emotion in design
I see only Bohemians in lines
At some point you all are
going to have to stop reading
mother's letters and crawl into that
new workspace you've been describing its
suit entails an enormous inflatable branching
structure which allows for a mechanical
friction and even propellor music that
woman guides your emotions but Socrates
in a cage how do molecules
link to daimon clean toe diamond
Jaspers how could they have a
galactic history of being of such
a thing a thing a thing

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