Monday, December 27, 2010

How Time Now


blue dalrymple 
pitless fooery the 
tentacular perimeter 
of letter for some les
peines clou fou plus loin
some clueless formlessness
foul cloud whose loin would shroud
the olive penalty, punishment, 
apartment greened, an
olive space in which the theme
of the Sultan and his horse

should any
to a desk or lamping
for the wick


vous dites que vous avez 
pas vu vous vous trompez bien 
Vous avez plus souvent que vous 
le pensez vous vous pas un cheval 
Bien il dit c'est moi son cheval vert 
qui s était reformé en monsieur 
après avoir été longtemps 
métamorphosé Vous avez délivré

The house so round and soft
whose inflatable windows make sounds
to go up through the arms
how wide the flat places in which the streaming light descends it

this place is a window through which the rooms must be opened
a little horse ascends through the watery chimney
and the blunderbust of flowers
lay calm in the delyre

"precepts (footsteps)"

heavy myrmidon myriad
with horse chimney
if its hulk of shoulder windows
should press up
the printing nay

pure s
the round window-soft clown of fire
shall take its burning watery arms 
form the lyre which spins it onward
inside the shoulder of the sunburst

the tiniest horse becomes aware in its shoulder
so soft and round with the fire of windows
how to place the olive back down on the desk

take up the pen
cherish chimney


to last calm

dehors en lui donnant un coup 
de pied au derrière Va petit 
voleur de laine pareil à ta mère 

ebu gogo
ego bubu
compact retilini
globulous good
the house which has a buttocks
like two green olives
each with a staff of light
too cross
too perpendicular

the nagivation
of the window
shall portend
its final prophecy

how mirrored flowers
confuse the stream
of destiny

things should mount
the further portent

once obscured
a coinage

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