Saturday, June 12, 2010

Able Psy, and Ulpable Irkny

[for the Dan and Beersheba of Urquhart]

His career in life began in the year 1692,
when he was appointed a captain in
Lord Tullibardine's regiment, but he
resigned his commission in order to
bellow gelatino-isophote in the
genatino medium, to compose, and,
or compote, a metred nitrate, and to
note phot, wot, among the photino'd

He seized the Dowager Lady Lovat
in her own house, caused a priest
to marry them against her consent,
cut her stays open with his dirk, and,
assisted by his ruffians, tore off her
clothes, forced her into bed, to
become a 115 printed on a BB,
a rug silvered sourness turning
toward itself as Golagros, and

In Brugges, now being, it is said
was to discover that Resorcinol
introduced into the animal organism
is converted into a sulphonic acid,
but according to the Tullibardine bock,
its arc is half cock out all surphonic,
columns of roses support a jutting
skull-less chin bone,

as on
26 September 1687, when
an Ottoman Turk ammunition dump
inside the Parthenon was
ignited by Venetian bombardment.

For future reference:

Spy out the joints
in a harness, as any
thoughtography's wood
is all wooliness like
zinc's is all zinco.


A carbunculine
timbrel of tophaceous
Eden founds those decades
of steely cool Arneis,
in the hills of Roero
to the northwest of Alba
where the Null Orfeour
has wrought a strange
galley of bend-lether:

Who doubteth, that is not blinded
with the ablepsie of an implicite zeal?

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