Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mogong Among The Transaccidentations of the Trans-Stygian Express

however its messy bologna meted,
there was the mate ten fact so coy
that whatever the case was, now
it could be shared

that a trank, a trangle,
and a trangdillio
should possible
the opposite's trangam
into a

meganart, an
egonaut, a small
flat egg case
modified into a purse
for special skiing

think Hollywood Pollen House
with purple gumbo fountains

the special skiing
of the call at home

its headphones
like great stiff batwings
of crimson lace
pulsing with creole widget-froth

and clusters of transparent
stroboscopic berries
hiding its mouth

the way a totally bleak pause
just cannot deal
with the absolute crescendo
of the erisian elysiania
of the erythrocytes

unpossi-bled thraneen

giant wicker sled castles
of ancient Gran Paradiso

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