Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Point Well Taken.

to ward its mood

the prairie schooner

dust mummies
in ragged floppy hats
manipulating large alien



  1. The whole swoop and sweep of the American experience is mummified in these dusty remains, O Lord o' the Plains,

    untoward moods warded off by Triffids in sunhats,

    in these remains,

    in these remains.

  2. i tried to find a damn picture of this thing. it was like there was this story about a land pirate or some damn thing. a wheeled ship of prairies. i think was in one of those semiotext books with a cover by james koehnline. or maybe autonomedia. maybe it was that book _gone to croatan_. i think you would like that one tom. its time was sort of before things like _guns germs and steel_ or _1491_.
    Have you read 1491? Then again, maybe it was in Apocalypse Culture from Feral House. At any rate, I can't find hide nor hare of the reference at this point, and barely even have the contour.

    and then I was just going to settle for the wheeled Boetian ships for the Dionysian festival of the

    Day of Choes

    no pics of that either!


    But that purple people eater was pretty cool!


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