Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Sweaty Katy Trail Warm-Ups

written at the Oaklawn Starbucks between Cedarsprings and Lemmon

a toyota fj cruiser cellphone was parked
in a busy Starbucks earcanal, when a Mercedes
fitness instructor doing lethoids illegally
parked her nosering gaining access to the
consumer queue via the handicapped porte.

what is it trying to say, the chemical sky, its skew number?

the porte had just been vacated
by the Sultan al Criphuille du Lex-is
leaving only a thin remnanct
of data-shielding like the wrapper
of an iced latte' straw...


a crumbuzzard cellphone bird
lands on a milk-fleshed milf
and stealthily penetrates
the citadelbank of her
nosering's fitness center
data terminal. it then
does a strange thing:

it sets up a sunglass replication
applet which powers itself from her
Starbucks black card and begins silently
'tweeting' sunglass designs which it
virally markets through her custom
cookie archiving modulet.


a violent cookie
gives tortured birth
to a counterfeit Lexus URL
with a cute nicotine eye-patch
mainframe ambulance bassinet

going south

a Costa Rican Eco-fuels magnate's
breast enhancement's cellphone nipple ring's
holodeck's incense archive
becomes the new VJ on an Icelandic
cruise ship's new Venetian fitness cruise
for Mexican organ cows
to the handicapped Porte
of Starbucks


a thrice misunderstood
eldery transistor troll
bakes its head in a microwave

this ancient anchorite
has its teleportation genitals
preserved with pink
Alexandrian lemons

a person suddenly says
no, says the barrista..
The person exits in a whirl
of fabrics and weird dogs
and lego model molecules

a pink Greco-Aegyptian lemonphone
calls the navel of all pasta-informatics
ostensibly to make a crank call, when the
line opens, the hermetic lemon(say)


~Lata Talat Asha Jagjit Sudha M

A beautiful cellphone Doge
the color of golden diodes
hands its coffee-colored altarego
a chocolate earcanal icon


The Marqueso du Cheesephone
takes her poodlephone in for a
bandwidth trimming
by the council of
overzealous local and foreign assholes

poor reception
in the townhome
is because of
total pink smokestack
invading the

curly whites of
earcanal bat people
a non-toxic revenue
is working out
in an unaffiliated
fitness monocle's
space station

when all of a sudden
a data corsair arrives [Peter Greenaway?]
to perform a guerrilla commercial

for hot taffy nipple inserts
along the llatte' hottub salonary


one Baronet du Virizona
is pruning her coffee-flavored
nipple branchlets when Don
Quixlatte' arrives
an an AT&T text message
selling gravity free underwear
and scented

Armenian candles

The city of Berlin
is now a proprietary SUV
living in the nomadic
jellyfish brain city

of Stirbox Onk

it floats on an island of
compacted coffee grinds
and its streets, buildings, inhabitants
and officials are all

data jewelry breeders

lo, down

a greybeard economy Toyota cellphone phasmid
smokes a cigarillo
on the Rhine (dressed as a cowgirl)

a truculent black expensive thang
is stored
by a palsied gloating

through the door of the halting
the lie is settled
pure light
knows all packets attaching


a dreaming packet replication scheme
merges two bogus revenue displacement accounts
into a single decorative tax shelter omen

some financial pilgrims come glower back
at the sign, but their identities are stolen

by a rogue pillowcase.


  1. Nice!!!

    I know just the location where this was written. I used to shop at a store there called Nuevo something or other where they sold leather-scented candles.

  2. :)

    i was just coming home a different way from Kara's work and I saw an enormous mexican gay night club called

    Escandalo! the whole thing painted rainbow colors!

    The people still drive like murderers here though. jesus.


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