Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YIKES! (who called Charley Oz?)

A pot broke on the lawn
and things like salamander hands
went down to greet the rushing torrents

buffalo on a nickel
buffalo tenders
for a pickup full of

let the first plant sing
a wily curse

let the mailman
come in bag-drag
or if dread is ice

let the antarctic
suddenly build resolute casinos
and giant igloos made for gambling

who cares.

Emperor 1 says to its infinite dread:

I'll show them all, I'll first build a wall
for no reason, and have it circumscribe the globe
like the midgard serpent, and I'll have it made of human

Then I'll cultivate the intricate surface of those bones
for a thousand years

a flowering orgy occurs
a wedding ring
to match
the weirdest day

as if a verb counter
could be installed

one for the outside
and one for the in




noise muscle
harks all news
its miracle

drawn in on
cliche'-looking haunches

the lower parts?

yes, maybe something from
a slipper's meal

but its top?

The hunchback sprouts hyacinths!

and maybe has a mohawk of vibrating nipples
spurting coffee!

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