Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Totally Like Huncke, Dorje.. Whatever. Euro-Spy Genre.

Caviar everywhere
in rude incumbent shews

the shrews went tidal
under genewrations
of Mabuse

Dragon Actor
Doctor Agon Wagon

there is a little box
upoim ur head
and within its wall

a song of caviar is spread

My Surgeon
is a sturgeon
and his hands
are twelve feet long

and my sturgeon
is aburgeon
with a dank
colostomy bong

and the Chirurgeon
goes a purgin' any
time he feeels afit

and the deedle
is adoodle like
a bug a conica pit

o sweet jasper
you're in aspen
where the white trees
hiss and gris

where the mapsters
and the napster
are as fresh
as sniffy dee

oh my legions
oh my legions
of micro cellular frown

your're the reason
the reason

for this caviar faced clown
and the season is good
for chuck wagon wood
and season is nice

to do it not once
but twice

said it alllllllll
said it alllll
said it aaaaaahhhhhllllllllllll

tattoo doll

X u date
N trow virt
Lo can beem

and viddle chicken too

why the turkey
and the badger


wawawawa woo


  1. i never heard the turkey/badger conversation...that guy on your new header seems to be radioactive...but in a good way

  2. wawaw


    woooooo wa



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