Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monkey Mantis Song Key Climbing Its Grapevine Beard Ladder Orchestress

jagaririboom haste: the scene was filmed as closely to the one in the golden triangle as possible, a trickle of actual pearls bouncing off an angled mirror, a syringe's needle entering an aureola.

jagaririboom haste: notice that within the pearl poem, poem takes pearl for 'peril'.

jagaririboom haste: then an ensuing combinatory scene: scenes of peril within a labyrinthine aureola. the exit being called something like neepleheim. The minotaru?
It is the haste, or Doctor, figured as a detective, but not composed: Something like a comedy, a doctor wearing wide T for horn, takes needle dripping, the suase.

It is.
jagaririboom haste: I came here for awhile.
In the years that followed:

Guava. The food got worse.
Attention to detail waned, or waxed.

A more hairless time ensued.
Instead of a person telling you what to think, imagine a
person telling you:

Just try not to think anything
in particular, and then

it is a thin fingered hat

Don Manifoldust

"planet speed tuscany"

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