Friday, June 4, 2010

The Weirdo Comments on Silliman.

The pretext

The odd shuffling afterwards:

The name "Banksy" is itself a riff on the idea of an archive, producing, as it were, an 'ersatz' or rather idiomatic 'cartoon'.. There is an old adage, or whatever, from where I can't remember, that "Art is in infinite reserves.." Now I may have misquoted that, and that is part of the way art and archives intermingle and function.

The human body itself
is an archive, as is
the body of the earth.

A fossil
was already
a memory file
a hundred million years
before microsoft.

What all this makes me think
is something close to

If culture and or experience
is merely an economy of labels

is there then some new kind of physics equation that should be coined like

Earth = infinite complexity speaking to infinite stupidity.

What possible actual need could a planet have for recording particular thoughts

matter itself
isn't anything much different
than thought in the first place.

one of the oldest
themes in art

is vanitas.

All of us are here
merely to make memories of


Is that endearing, or is it
'The Society of the Spectacle'?

It is precisely, the joke of generativity itself,

genretivity john-roe-tivity

a gift which keeps on giving.

It wasn't on accident
the ancient egyptians
used the dung beetle
as a figure of the divine.

Just keep adding another layer..

look at the word

Theirry (Theory)(lin)Guetta?

Guetta in Italian is (and note "It a line" and the missing lin)

1. tongue (of a shoe)
2. flap (of an envelope)

or of a controversy?

Tongues lap.


It is all quite transparent
to the seer of words
who knows that he himself
is a word, and that words

are pictures.


  1. so...your poem/arrangement of words actually made me turn on my brain this morning...usually i don't like to use it too much, i don't want to wear it out, i keep it covered in clear plastic...

    two parts that i really liked:

    1. "All of us are here
    merely to make memories of


    2. "It is all quite transparent
    to the seer of words
    who knows that he himself
    is a word, and that words

    are pictures."

    *note: i am not a fan of banksy:)

  2. Even the word "fan"

    is like a homonym of a greek prefix
    that means 'image'

    it is because we classify language differently, because we have instantiated our subjectivities within it and connected it to our emotional imaginations.

    In old Japan, the landscape itself
    was a language of emotion, emotion was not limited to the human
    but a total material unfolding
    of combined elements.

    Basho is always moving through these image/emotion worm-holes

    we don't have to have an overtly positive or negative emotion to anything. That itself is a kind of quantum drug mechanism which has been explored, and even commented on in the NY times.

    I've seen articles like

    Neuroscientists reveal people addicted to reactionary thinking,

    it's a doobie
    someone is trying to hand you
    and what i am trying to hand you is a doobie as well

    we are chemical
    and the totality of our experience
    lies within a kind of paradoxical

    infinite finitude

    or thisness assures
    that the possible number of personal
    combinatory experiences on this world are functionally


    the earth is its own experiential continuum, and yet

    by our own labelling
    by our quitting from the labor
    of the leap

    by our own self-imprisonment in the banality of determinism
    we decline the


    of association

    Look at the history of the metaphor of water, the wheel,
    the use of dialectic in philosophy

    that schissive
    polaritron of

    vir and veer and ver

    as stasis/contagion
    and annunciation/judgement/ie

    reality functions like code
    with breakpoints


    my coffee power
    is getting the best of me.


    please forgive my extrusion.

    thanks for being a reader Nikki!

  3. "look at that picture. is it persisting?"

    "the joke of generativity"=LIKE!

  4. also lanny, you should go here and get this free EP from "How To Destroy Angels," the new group with Trent Reznor and his wife (named after a Coil single). There is a song on it called Fur-Lined that I think you might enjoy its wordplay.

    "I am an animal. Now I am a chemical."

  5. you can hand me a doobie, but you won't get it back

    i wish coffee had that effect on me, wow...

    i sometimes wish that there were no words and communication was only through image.

    feel free to extrude away, no ones looking:)


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