Monday, June 7, 2010

mastering physics

developing anemones along its browser,
memories of the green box which held
its head sloping down to the incandescent
filter array submerged at the letter
of the river


the constable mass, mess,
yes, as, is united in uneasy essays
an assay sorted
by much tinkering blinkered

at 21, the clear gelatin centaurs
were still pulling song across
the prairie

optic nerves
turning into nipple chord arrays
on the back of the craniumph

Haruna says:

touch the blind oval of its guide
the sauntering and empty pleasure

Haruna says huge empty shells are already

Only a glow-erm says

take this between the legs, matha,

Oology ala Eulogy
good as a dug
in its digs


a glow enters the stare of a room
and sockets suck samples
into the paintings
conferring at the surface


braidal eff

for cussing is its shallowed breath
a puma in piano saddle
with sidecups
of cappuccino

capo di signe'
ligne' di signe'

my mask is a living spider,
the face beneath
a sucking pit
to power many foamily

hologram bobbin printer
each thing
with its disagreeing otherness

each other
in agreement
with disagreeable

tertiary syphilis
comparing skeletons
to mirrored taffy

take surface as a gate
the nude child
will hide inside
a slug-like dog

a perfectly spherical sun glass helmet
the skull-less head within

by a glass sculpture
fused to the arc
of what is peripheral
to revulsion

on to organ design
murphy engulfing
the rot of license

the unceasing bottle cannon
the seizure of its hollow bolts
by a distance
confined to distance

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