Monday, June 21, 2010


Don Splicio,

I hope the lemons I sent you
found the girls happy, awake,
and without lesion, again.
If I ever fall asleep in that
terrible place again, would
you please tell Mr. Cormac
that the gash is not a suitable
patio. Deep double duals
keeping into out School Annual
banter. I know a girl named Amy
that will talk until make a funny
sign with your foot. It's delaxing.
I think school is already a paralegal for all the same reasons
as adventure immigration. To many in the 13th century, a good day consisted of something like

a small bruise
minimal stomach damage
journeying again
from mining camps
to adhocent plague areas

Don Splicio,

We are lying for our gruel,
and may even meet Tom Selleck.

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