Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doubletree Inn, Rabelais, Texas.

pee-pee on Jason then
the box got tangled on its wig
then pulled the little feller
off his hearse

all the scholars
must undergo
its pig launching

to find out
just how red
the face of the world
could be

if you could see
the stuff of sense
how strange loops
carry carnival mirrors
we hoist and connect
a discrete image
at the joint

it's a specific kind of flex
we're looking for

like the pacific asp
the brown tree snake on Guam

brown shirt
you wear it well

but here I am

the stainless steel liner in the chimney

full head of hair
full tank of gas

chutney doubloons
hovering round my head

like a bubblegum turban
with Brancusi cuckoo clock
to boot

that ass

{the boot has braunguam side-pipes, O Saxony...}

O hirsute cheese banister
hung with mini-key-pad ornaments.

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