Friday, June 18, 2010

Sham Beware, Piulicity Get Tonch!

polo 250 drank
max enlighten

gone green gorilla eraser
heavy encyclopedia
Larousse Gastronomique

aghast in lieu of economique
it's ruse
which can ever

cat to the bubble chair
cat to the lap

dark hearth
no song come out

history mixed up
for art's sake

the long steel bed
the tiny grains
to fill it

their heads like bags
we crawled out of
blonde mushroom noodled
dog faces

champagne colored berries
erupt between the toes
and white bricks
get up in a chimney
down in a bar

curve around
with inner parapets
that the glass reaches across

the family will deny its screeches
and place the severed salutation
its hoof a sheaf of keys

the faun
which had arrived
from distant foundries
from magnificent origins
whose elbows
were globular combinations
the locks which hung

the strange gratifying sound
of the air rushing out
from a mechanical seal

the stone's name
bored two-faced little shooting
its spurs worn like a mustache

the lava
once again
bringing the ambassador
to his knees

the cactus
of red meat
whose thorns
are ready
to write anything

the tremor with no mind
to speak of

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