Sunday, June 27, 2010


punitive hobbligato's
dungaree ear agony noodling
it stays

tied to the rooster
whose feet like a fever
are the home
of much lightning

lightning through a noodle
is a flat oblong box
the secret agent
hands to the numberless
box at the base of the

there is a gap
between the buildings
with a cantilevered ribbon machine
that draws the agent up

the landing is a doorway
and the door itself is like a
life-sized gourd that
spins radially

to enter the doorway
one must enter the door itself
and one's head goes into
the upper part of the gourd

the hot squash alphabet tennis oven
gives its overt furniture spider
over the luxurism of speaking
through pillows

an illuminated hovering pillow chair
could gesture
with a jewelled chain
it might hang from its


where to begin
several lager than life-sized glass
bicycles are melded into a complicated
frame for a hammock

a goat's head pokes out
from an amorphous red pod bristling with little
hoses dripping fragrant droplets
onto an amplified tympanum

the goat's voice
is made into pictures
on a rear projection trampoline
upon which bounce

them sweet garudas
in dew rags
and particle rays

there is a robot
you can put your face in
and it will give you


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