Thursday, June 10, 2010


O hark, ill lance,
lance bewedded and bewebbed
to its arc now flung, to pierce
between the rung, where snakes
and ladders add must tongue,
the rogue defying rogue
under the armsway
or sticky spot
to give its

bemurk'd, or marked
by beings of love

i give you
a honeycombed silhouette
in the round
dripping with oil

the gestus
or suggestus
of that, or sthis,
the stively moolveeship

canny, the neglisse',
the poieurrrrare'

white horses fucking
became the screen
upon which the movie was

scenes of hollow letters
in which dogs war

swerving, but with their
teeth as guides
and lances

your eye is but a childe
and every word its world
an innard inward strange


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