Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeding Stalin Clones To Yetis

In here they feed clones of Stalin to the Yeti,
and from the architect's video mandala legend,
I see

the waterfall of petrified babies
has halted to reveal an oval
membrane bulge
which this gat handle after agate
should remain

Maria with the tyrant's knife
flaying spather
an all-time high
adeno edge fulcrum
long clasp actograph
in which the k and w
of knife and write
were originally

long dark hair-like rooms
behind the realistic arm

Stalins are stacked casually behind the
and each freedom loving cell
is enslaved to a freedom-loving collective
to whatever idiotic silence
the gravy milked from the sausage
when the winter wasn't looking

snow white wrought iron
could replace the difference

the patio at the epicenter
of the wrought iron brain cameo's

role-playing doctor's bag.

glory is twine-felled
but under its gloomiest traditions
the main-frame is held to be a
material reward?

I've seen the Heraldo,
it's liver-spotted Gaudi-rama,
and now I am just stunned into whatever
omission the cryogenics officer
ingects into my

hang nail.

Imagine me as a realistic hollow jesus wall hanging
a crucifix
in which the latest Intel 50 processor computer
with Terra-byte computer
and DSL wifi-modem are combined

no imagine it is Satan crucified,
and that Satan is a woman, I mean
a combination desk top tower and wifi modem.

They are all Stalin.


Think of Altlanta. Saint. Stalin.
As Clone food.
For Cellphone headed Yeti.
It's like the Boobtube
became an ideology,
or revealed the fundamental insanity

of the Songwizard's

A dungeon of light.
Skill is just another addiction.

Pass by these dioramas one more time:

Octopus with beautiful girl trapped inside its head.
That same scene rendered as a wall-hanging computer.
The same scene as a cellphone.

The Vatican
as a cellphone
to a god
which is an octopus
with a girl inside
its head.

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