Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Needed.

to be the sad underwaters
a captive chimpanzee
can't peel the ocean's

the face is terribly painted
a bird on fire would unfold
to become the geometry of
memorial fountains
no one visits

water running
fire burning

the albatross
looks down

on the devil
in its armchair

i draw a picture and play stupid
they don't have to see what i would do
this is what i would do:

accident = minotaur
labyrinth = accident
daedalus = accident
accident = labyrinth
minotaur = labyrinth
daedalus = minotaur
accident = route of omens
route = accident
tooth = axe
axiom = root
roof = dental enclosure



minotaur = minute tear.

about the universal monstrosity
of its becoming, the waste of oneself,
and the tragedy of others,

and fun.

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