Friday, June 4, 2010

Dreaming of Shiki

my cricket hands
are cold light
fireworks exploding

a firefly
fills the tree
inside my shoe closet

long field
a long person
is sleeping there

the waterfall
of burning crickets
looks like a dead squid

a daikon
looks fine
hovering over a rock

morning fog
is absorbed
by old thick books

a construction worker
speaks with a butterfly
in a barren country road

the snake
with the haiku on
its back, is back

i imagine
having red cherry eyes
a cherry eyed oni!

for Masaoka Shiki


  1. bravo! i really dig what you've done here. surreal, baby, surreal.

  2. I like it too. My daikon breaks open upon your peaceful rock, and still my legs are like daikon. I wish I could write such convincingly cool poetry. I hardly ever wish things like that any more.

    That is so weird that Masaoka Shiki played baseball (looked him up on WikiTrue). My cat is a life.

    Thanks for the really totally cool poem, o phaner-o-noemikon.



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