Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adolf Cube Maw Interbellum Stitch-Myth-Girder

loose zaumplan
verses plan vibre
to the general acumen

tranya local
at night the flower infurls
with twin pearl vortextes
one at either end
of the zeppelin

using cold teeth for ice
in a heated head
that cups the leaves
of grass that cup a saw
blade massive pink
cylinders hide the entrance
to the particolored underworld
born in Brno

Tzara nourish the baby minotaurid
in the theater box of the Villa Müller

no fistula San Tropez
woodchuck woodtooth Apollo
Tristan assualt Gesualdo
with an impure ivory plated biuldung

aspire to carve lethal fractal domains
from circuses replete in diminished surgical

for all casual bondage
suffers surfer's humor

the bald yoni
in intelligentsia

zeppelin stardate Tzara
casually its spidery hands
take apart the model
revealing an unexpected
egg-like inner space

and Apollo
a small pink piece
of macaroni
filled with squirming
girl cheese

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