Wednesday, May 16, 2012

January 5, 1996 BC

a ten pup fine for
the glass of its inner ear
corn for foot mattress in
duress upon the duration
of this emancipated troll
tongue no more ruined deeds
to the music of salted brown studies
let their blossom exalt all
let lotus overcome lotus in lotus
or not what goes through the clever
insides of the digger degar montagnards
being poor and dangerous as a beetle
in milk from the first rumour its humor
to myth out from the mountain in kajawah
who have you told family friends the yoni
of lava where birds and snakes make
a flower golem's yellow head Tsong-kha-pa
leaving early you missed the metal surge
hond rond gefeng and gelwe linde
epinal crocus they sang more purvey
its twin robber negro to the jogger path
and under view of stern condo goeth
shopping for flabbum geolwu
for jelly weened frogs and crabs in their
ear purses a ten hand pup would up
in the torso of its womb our wounding lyre
succumbing after heavy interludes of
ochre sands buried in primrose catastrophe
the obvious sundial pelagic geometry intercede
to commend these yellow stockings to a garnet
hid in guineas and mead we of the meeting
abjure your hiding the song among best otes
of bright skies and forever return here to the day
to cope with silken ankles the triceratops charge
its polyamorous electron cowper's viking the engine
more mute in a modernist square cornered easel
fig flutes fluttering upon the pardoner's wex
and fullsome Khe Sanh take a broom stalk by its
memory the pink armadillo and panther
peter the roman in its handsome rough goat
got up and faced the panurge day hobbled
by motes of indefinition pain and smithy
how careless could its handfall on the index
overbecoming the hairy gown and mossy cell
the crackled shen solid and coarse
a rainbow of hovering bellies to invade
the peristyle kabadi hututu and khokho
willing much in the way of swimming
for fascinating is the sea of God's friends
which can never be made dirty nor
clean S'ad Allah  also called Baby Machine
in the world of inner meaning would find
dawn the omphalos  of food transformed
into snakes scorpions and frogs in Balkh
he found that he had to speak to the people
there at a very low level in animated statues
tied in trees, confused statues plagued with genies
would play like deer in clouds of glow flies
in the summer lawns along the periphery
of our fabled walks what is the future of
our illusion to the inner worlds of meanings
the infinitesimal calculus of the thousand fingered
inter-varsity of attention Dayton caress the monkey
we leave heaven to the angels and sparrows
and build grocery stores upon high places and tug
our nose flutes for more Avayxendurden pole mock
kin would surely nihil the grabbing skin's test
pups shoot out from the lung mobile ananke rides
reason into economic masochism by way of mass schism
by sadism's eeko unko boho bozo the adapted one
is perfectioning that language which is anthropomorphic
and that world which is not but supranthromystic all
gobble the gibbering memories that screen the primal bean
how behalf state problem elegant not fair but holy good its
demon semi-circled lapis infernalis no one loved him
his head burned in lies and licentiousness and twilit rooms
the blue rustling of skin sacks made soft mitochondrial ear
clusters on transparent stone columns our mother lay
inside an owl's head that mountain where you walked with
a cripple with a crutch of shadow and fell down inside
the glow of the summit's ripe and crystalline shell mouth
the muschelmond descending to the subterranean sphere
in republicans and democrats and those not afflicting with canker
the animal after having been sprinkled with ink
will shake its head and then its entire body will shudder
and tremble in every limb and emit quaking sounds
and the ink thus shaken off onto the tusk mandala of paper cones
will be purpose read to the tripous for these inkspots read by all
were as the necessity of ananke these ink spots were
the maenadic women of Parnassos who were guilty of murder
indispensible to the oracle these ink spots in their thrashing jawboned
asses in their rectum dentata (sorel whreathe) patet mundus
were determined by Lot not to look back over their showed her
Go Wayne! and look finally upon the Hosioi, etc.. What present
memory represents is called "The Deukalion" or the sphere of knowing
after much unknowing which Lykophrond calls 'great bull'
and we stink of imitations candle mobius to light the pup coin
pups like grubs in the ground chanting KOIN KOIN KOIN
hairless their minds like obsidian yoni over which transparent
butterflies yawn and flutter / sparks descend and ascend
into the inner world of meaninglessness upon you purpose
you murder all / joy is water beyond / and the husbandry
of the beyond / is the final solution of the oracle /
how do I worship thee fair confusion / hush / manacled
I go into the potassa and oxygene to bake barley in the
shape of a bear and in the bellhouse breed machine gates
and machen machin the boc-leden jelly-geode
goode pup of noma petis why jewl thur speculators
why cow daisy days in deals with erendrake feelings
to follily foot in foremost genesis giant and hamesucken
why is our own tonsil hound in a hole to bate the orped
honoure the rank of pups is plate of phoenixe
i heare strange sounds from other rooms
the assecula ordains the corpus of gloss by mane of absinthe claws
Christ and Lazarus (Is and Are)
we are modern no more loose
we are ancient no less stricken (strite)
we remain remainder and messy musey
messed up and musty We Degars
of the Middle Earth are halflangs
Ass Draculas of Boeotia and in Amphictyonic leagues
we spread our green pup mantle squids over hull
and valley (not serious) Dogstar remian privato to
Oracle fish sex nother / these are but drifts of ear glass
unto a snakes fading fang eye
hidden as it were behind the twittering of birds
the all-killing heat attains its climax on the mountain
ridges (wrodus) transfigured in incandescence
give u your take
take you yur gif
join pegs
to the green calf
its sugar
the word for wine cellar
cannot call itself linos
liney frutectum,
i. arborum densitas,
uel ramus, þyfel/
and back into the society (silencity)
of body shame cute (herd udder numa)
thick whig (shuddered) pup Alkman
from the land of KOIN

"vively conduit nim"
/vexicle after hawther/
penjing nemunoki

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