Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day

(Agallop At Moment's Clasping)

And the banks
with their trunks
resplendent dawned

according to the press
liquid banners
from their luminous
arrow loops

and the images
like faces
rose upon the walls

such red petals
paper its ever-ranging

And in our metal gloves
hands like rabbit heads
munching diversion
before the all-clustering
and concentric wood-lice

and our stomachs
like crimson rabbit heads
were made into peace
according to the press

and the divorce from all things
from a candle of captured weeds
from a flame of dismay

And from the edge of those
skilled in romance
a cancellation confirmation

a pale pink koala of plastique
whose tricorne
was fashioned from unzippings

the mirrored cuckoo
announcing to all
the frankish dread
of unsummoned places

who could not still their hearth-like mouths?

one total accord would press
and final fist
before the cuff

each cheap angular worry
fish-mouths rocking suck

the forlorn heart song
pebbled late upon
the creeping

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