Thursday, May 10, 2012

Its Gum Hand to the Hawthorne Like a Hollow Tooth

tatter the kip
when fig devour donkey

lao sag note
lal mooli and ko

podi yones on Ebbo
and Ebbo spies
the dove in its nest..

the devil with rainbow ears
proffers a shark-skin fig
a shark-skin kiwi, dig?

Why should one be asked to meet such people?
I don't mind criticism, but I will not endure vulgar abuse!

[donkey]: disorder drops its filling of G, and gentlemen gods
follow the lung-gom-pa to the fig grove.

[fig]: happily honey jingos the mastic palming reck safely unto the shriek,
and when the trahtne's goes, so goes

the angareeb

that galled rope
what queachy aloed
and cartulary intagliature
nursed with sour

the fuchsia-colored bacon
about to grede..

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