Friday, May 4, 2012

Gon Flighter

Kuru Grey Nasi.
Kuru Grey Hellehar.

I took the red-hot raccoon paw analog
and branded the forehead of the moron mormon.

Bless you my son,
for your anus has been intruded upon
by the bored and radical aristocracy of dreams,
and absolute compression
into infinite nothingness
is your mother, but I

am the raccoon
of red hot silent sextantry,
my direction

infinitely confused
for I am the jellybaby

of Rimbaud
and Verlaine

I am the lava stone
left to smolder
in the bleak remains

the remainder
of all noise

your headache in the plain
your bliss
is the organic suffering
of ferns.

grey velvet skull
you succor my supermassive black hole nipple chords
which gather
to the prehensile dawn

hyle lithe lure
hew gaw goomance

let the scar
of the iron raccoon paw
upon your unknowing
go as hummingbird

this failure
this portfolio

this white sperm mask
left boiling
to the sandstone seraglio

owl neck to laughing disease
come in laughing disease


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