Monday, May 21, 2012

Gull Brew, and Brighten Companion.

Do you have any ink-
ling how deep the pondering
well must travel, the heels tapped
down to release the slippers,
the rotation before the all seeing
moment when the desk's
great and severe eye,
its soft quiet, the land,
silent, when all in every aspect,
the morning, or before,
children interlinking flowers
beside the telescope, and,
and, and, diminutive effect?

Do you?

If grave targets coalesce.
If folds of cloth and arrangements of feathers.
If attitudes in every abode.
If particles surround by which.

Do you have any ink-
ling how far the mutation must travel,
the socks still warm
near the smoldering hearth,
and Peter

as if pi were sess
in seas of cessation
the frame alvolderline

picket the halo toward
if fallow

if fallow linking the
flowering children
Do you?

quill telescope
quill wheel
quill surround which

by abode coalesce.

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