Monday, May 7, 2012

Silk Tonnage Fief Mouthpart's Foam

(youth grand stone)

it flown by the curpled hedges
the ur green glow to the patio's reflection
in company
no dread (champagne unopened)

well it flown
when wangled through branches to said
they conceive (letters)
but may not
not either may or any
the dinner (monthly_

comely that wife (weave all demon's down
of the pink hat (hurt to the hunt in the gad fly fount
the hard working clearing upon which
sound substance has no marker
no plantings as of yet
their stair (rebels beyond the body, society
and dear

dear art

green antlers appear
amidst the golden throbbing junk

green igloos
made from bricks
of compressed leaves

a yak in the drawing room
confined by books or slow men
birthing the eyes
remain wide
the employment ends
and the deployment rebegins

lid lad

feeble founders
of ravenous hordes
discipline embarks to its own applause
like crushed ice

we go along to the tower above the river
or what looks like a tower
maybe it's a flown mown down hone
drunken caresses to a skull held to the water's surface
by an impertinent bubble (pop!)

wires unreel for the tortured emblem
and feel
Yorick, you
have rejoined the dolls (bells)
and the unit in question
its subject to pervade
all knowing is the unknown
in the foreground
and the background torn
to glimmer
horn back of sparkle
to tongue
the heart of water
in this shoe
the face of purpose
where the empty vampire mirror
instruct you

how did you appear
on the ledger?

red velvet masks approach the blacking tree
by threes and rebound
the circumflex navigation
will a lively curmudgeon
petty grist

form is processed
by what?

the snake which swallows a blue marble
but finds its prize
smaller than the whole abode
and so
the tail just stand there
alert and wagging

that tongue (coal floats in purple liquid discs)

the scarf tied on a fearsome statue
the curpled babble of its lawns
a barely ambled stain
in the deep of its lung flame

sick code
for cotton's

a wad of cotton for hair
on a walnut head

what cracks first
is the model

the mottled melody
melding its elders
to unwrinkle this


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