Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jeremy Bentham Visits the Great Rift Valley


watching storms along the edge of the Elgeyo
deeper down fluoride
will combine with anything
except helium and neon

the confused peddler
the confused peddler
[kunst phase; evolution: hollow scene]

When in taxidermy's troth
the sun hat hoos the sparn
and head falls off
perfect Jain

Good Luck to you Jane

LSD Benthic tusk alignment procedure:

1: shine tusk in the afterbirth of gesture's branch offices
2: perform branch office alignment procedure, align to all confused
3: Beware of the perfect June.
4: It was a house and a garnet.
5: Diatribes mix, see Lake Kamnarok

Evil witch beast.
the confused peddler,
and whither thou fluoride goeth
so goeth evil, Jeremy.

watching poems,
their tusks hollow, transparent,
full of silk worms, jeweled gizzard snakes,
rotunda ice

note: harvesting the dark rotunda ice with fluoride tusk
reveals the camera. Make sure you fill in with Jane, a paste
of Jane. Jane's giant head floats over Africa.

Tarzan no suffer narrok. No lutes.
Tarzan glean-gander (harvest) giant red child-
office-board-room (gizzard snake aroma)
in the womb of volcano dashboards.

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