Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bibiena Canto

and after they had removed his image
                                 from the academy
and carried it along to its sanctuary
amidst the long necks of the salpinx
                                  there where no masks hung
heavy with figs the detail
                               for Bibiena was
in Parga
                      abyssody effigy ache
for fête théâtrale fantasmagorique

fly fortis
foo sphere

could those long silences seem more furious?

Barnaby your Abbess crow
and Earinus gone from Domitian (what sense is sense lost?)
                          to but hear the tumu
tumu of the golden fox
                                waiting in the chest
                                   of the clay cold bride,          that ship
                    with           which          you                             met the shallows
                                                              for a foo in long heart
                                                 for a question
of Art,             the maquettes tremble                        to the open air
                                            its plain face folly
                                       force aware
                                                 and touch the wet soil
                                        for its graven hand                (too close)

here the public pyre
                                             strange scatter
              Sulla bite the blood goblin


                                    long lost lex in the Phlegraean Fields
                                  (who searches the grain for the dis-remembered?)

      all-writing, all-thinking
the severed head                          still moving in the dream

                                            but the looking done
and the body                                                          now eating itself 

left Postuma only
                                        part of an odd leek flower (optime modice confusa)

a theriac 
to the entrance 
of the knot


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