Friday, May 25, 2012

For the Nine Wells, Nine Columns

tamble tamble
on the tump town
Fred aware
but of nothing
the dirt road
his hand
on an ivory gal
once a tusk
and now
a tactile gibber

the town
wasn't much
2 cafe's
and some tractors
among low hills
the houses blurred out
and only the chain
linking dogs
by the pattern
of barking


tamble tamble
old tibet
the butter tea
a bat just awakening
in the cenote* at Bolonchen

Eric von Euw
Erik von Danikin

and Fred
pulling crayfish
from the craw
of the funk
and the loud
slap of dominoes

bones shifting
on twilight tables
crustacean follow


come, camera,
come to be wed
where the mathematician
and spider linger
where the netsuke'
holds its globular magnet
as a crown
bluesweet cuss its
hips, shoulders,
or elbows cop


let them all spend
etarnity togather

long verity

*its wit corrupted
into sign

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